Soapstone Cookware

Soapstone Cookware

There’s something special about cooking in these pots. Cooking in clay is a beautiful experience, but cooking in stone is a whole other story. Stone, a completely different earthen material than clay.
The way they feel in your hand. The density. The smoothness and texture on the surface from each hit of the artists chisel. Knowing that many, many hits later - boulder transforms to cooking pot. Wow.

- Cade.

We are delighted to be offering stone cooking vessels, hand-carved by artisans in Tamil Nadu in the south of India. These pots, traditionally known as kalchatti, have been used for centuries and were passed down from generation to generation.

The pots are made out of soapstone or steatite, which is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock, soft and somewhat easy to carve. In saying this, it takes very skilled artisans many hours to make just one pot. To sculpt the pots, craftsmen use a chisel and hammer or a pad tied to their hand which acts as a hammer. Hundreds or thousands of hits later combined with a whole lot of presence and patience, the boulder becomes a cooking vessel.

 2 L stone pot, clay lid and rock handle...

Once the pots have been carved and shaped, they undergo a seasoning process, where castor oil and turmeric is applied over the surface area each day for 7 days. This process is for strengthening and protecting the pot. If cared for correctly, these pots can last many lifetimes.

These pots are beautiful and each piece is a unique piece of functional art. They are timeless and age gracefully with use. Before seasoning they are a light grey colour and after seasoning they darken.

As soapstone is extremely dense and non-porous in nature, it is impervious to bacterial penetration. These pots are non-reactive unlike other cookware on the market, which means they do not alter the flavour of your food from the use of acidic or alkaline ingredients. They are completely chemical free and safe. They keep your meal hot for many hours after cooking and are said to retain 98 % of the nutrients in your food.

We are very passionate about supporting skilled artisans in a fast-paced world in tunnel vision towards convenience and mass-production. In many cases, these traditional crafts are lost due to ‘newer technologies’ or lack of appreciation for hand-made natural products.

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