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Quiet Earth

She Oak - Fermentation Pot

She Oak - Fermentation Pot

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She-oak is a 5L earthen fermentation crock. This stoneware fermenter is hand made in Australia by Gold Coast artist Bill Powell. It has a water moat to offer the perfect environment for your fermenting vegetables. It comes with weights, a heavy lid and is glazed on the inside for easy cleaning.

She-oak is designed for you to feel the earth when you’re in the kitchen. This fermentation crock is a way to encourage us to slow down and acknowledge traditional methods of food preparation.

The inside of the crock is coated with a food safe clear glaze and the outside is raw textured clay. Each pot is unique as they are individually handmade. Your pot may differ slightly in shape and size to the above photographs

The water moat is designed to allow gases to escape from your ferments, though to restrict air from entering. You may need to top up the water moat every couple of days, depending on the evaporation rate in the area you live. This may change over the seasons.

This fermenter is perfect for making ‘krauts, kimchi, pickles & miso paste. She patiently awaits to be used for your favourite pickling recipes.

The table pictured in the photo is made by Byron Bay artist S.Lambourn-Hull @slambournhull

100% food safe. Free from lead, cadmium and other harmful chemicals.

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Material - Australian Clay

Dimensions - Approx - 28 cm x 21 cm x 21cm

Capacity - 5 L

Colour - Dark Matter

Cleaning & Care - Hand wash in warm soapy water


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