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Quiet Earth

Village Pot 1

Village Pot 1

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The clay pot is ancient technology and ancestral cookware. Earth is moulded with hands and water, dried and then hardened by a fire of burning wood to create a functional cooking vessel. We are so happy to be able to offer them to the community. 

The Village Pots are made by a fourth generation potting family in rural Malaysia, led by father Ah Meng who we refer to as ‘Uncle’. His two sons manage the factory as he is somewhat retired. He spends his days resting, overseeing things and working on more personal artistic clay work. Our pots are made using organic local clay that is filtered to remove the impurities. No chemicals are added, just pure clay. The pots are glazed on the inside with a natural glaze, offering a smooth surface to prevent sticking when cooking. 

The Village Pots are designed for cooking over a gas flame, fire or charcoal and can also be used on an induction or electric stove top with a heat diffuser beneath them. 

They are free from lead, cadmium and other harmful substances. 

The shape and size of each pot is uniform, though the colour tones may vary from the photographs due to the wood-firing process. Your pot will age and darken beautifully the more you cook in it.

Small - 2 Litres, 2.3 kg (17 cm H, 21 W, 27 L)

Medium - 3 Litres, 3.1 kg (19 cm H, 22 W, 30 L)

Large - 6 Litres, 4.25 kg (22 cm H, 28 W, 33 L)

Extra Large - 7.5 Litres, 5.6 kg (25 cm H, 29 W, 36 L)

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